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Dear Longtime Fans...

2013-07-09 17:55:55 by Pissomatik

HAHA, just kidding. I don't have any longtime fans. /trollface.jpg

music and blackberry

2009-08-18 05:17:51 by Pissomatik

Ok, I'm trying to put new shit up but I don't have internet access on the computer right now just the pos blackberry. I'm on my third browser. Idk what's going on but, hey, am I logged in? Wtf, this thing is pissing me off and skyfire doesn't support blackberrys yet. Joy. Hopefully I'll be able to get my songs up soon for those of you who like my weird ass shit.

And yet more!

2009-02-03 22:54:18 by Pissomatik

23rd this year, more than any other, and #67 total, is on it's way. I just finished a jazz piece. I know most people on here probably aren't fans of jazz, but I guess it's not totally jazz, more fusion I suppose, but the drumming is all jazz style, so we'll say jazz. I'll be posting it tomorrow as I've wasted today's postings on a couple of loops I made while thinking about where to go with it. :( Oh well, I only have to until about 3pm tomorrow, so, yeah. Look out for it, titled To Live Above the Clouds. Here's another pic my soon to be ex-wife drew. Even though we're getting divorced, I do have her permission to post these, we'll still be friends. Enjoy.


And yet more!


2009-02-01 23:50:09 by Pissomatik

I'm about to add #63 of my songs to the portal. I have made many others, totalling well over 100, but sadly I lost a lot of them in the great crash of 2007. I rember looking at my list of songs that I created and at the time it was over 100, not including those already on here and the ones I made before 2005. So, between 2005 and 2007 I made over a hundred songs. That's alot. Well, that was really gay, like most of my shit. Oh well, I hope those of you who have an interest in what's coming next will appreciate it. Please review, I like to hear your thoughts. Have fun, enjoy and be sure to add me on myspace. I'm tr335ittydollabill on there. I don't facebook or twitter, but nobody has invited me so I don't even know what the fuck they are really other than myspace knock offs.



Today makes 60! >:P

2009-01-27 22:55:14 by Pissomatik

Today I added my 60th surviving contribution to the audio portal. I may have the most songs on here, but I'm not sure. I haven't seen anyone else with as many. If so, let me know who has me beat.


Today makes 60! >:P

Looking for an artist.

2009-01-24 20:03:24 by Pissomatik

I have the concept, but I can't draw for shit. I need someone who can draw and that is better than me at flash. If you would be interested pm me or respond below.

To help you get an idea of what I'm wanting to do go listen to my song Dead or Dying and imagine a cyborg tearing shit up.....well, it's on the page in one of my comment responses.

Looking for an artist.

Oh yeah!!! I got 2nd place in bible fight! It may not be 1st but enough to get me on NATIONAL TV! Ok, it's just my username on there but still, I feel very special. I was hoping to get 1st and have my username be said by the computer voice but they didn't even do that so I guess it doesn't matter. Oh yeah, I feel very special. Leave me alone, I'm weetoddedd.

Adult Swim High Scores of the Week!

I'm working on a new project. I think I'm gonna take some time on this one. There's alot I want to do with it and I'm going to have to really learn FL Studio's extra shit, like humanizing, automation clips and more to get what I want. Yeah, It's going to be fun. I will most likely post other stuff as I get bored with a project or go blank after looking at the screen for so long and hearing the same part over and over again to get the sound just right. Obviously with most of the stuff I put on here already I still seem to forget that I'm no longer using the demo version, meaning that I can save it, and not have to do it in one sitting. I'm also working on learning flash so I can make movies and music videos. Of course, I might help if I retrain myself to draw. Yup. That's about it. Tr33-Fitty Ya'll!

Ok, not that anybody even read my post about the LOGO. If you can call it that but I guess I can't call it anything else. I don't know, maybe somebody else does.
Anyway, I fixed it, now the bottom part where the name is doesn't say Franklin anymore, it says MONKEE.

Also, I've posted some new shit in the audio portal. Be sure to check them out, be beware as they are not for everyone. Please don't 0 bomb it as some ppl do like it and I would like it to at least stick around for future enjoyment. If you do like or dislike it please leave a review. I don't believe in reporting abuse, so feel free to word your reviews about my stuff appropriate to how you really feel about it. I get a kick out of the abusive reviews anyways. On that note, anyone else who reads such abusive reviews, please don't report it either. LEAVE IT ALONE, I like it there. Not to mention, I think "abusive" reviews can actually be alot more helpful than Fulps and everybody else on here seems to believe, so, if you feel the need to abuse some shit, review my musik. Thank you all who have contributed to my song's pages and have a wonderfull time kicking the shit out of it. Oh yeah, I also review just about everything I view on here, so look out for them, that's also how you can tell that I listened to it. But, just because I don't mind being abused, I won't abuse your shit. I've been here for about 8 years now and don't want to get banned anytime soon. But that doesn't mean I'll ever like anything by the Clock Crew. It's not fair, I really miss the war. It was fun fucking with those guys, unfortunatly Tom lost his balls somewhere in the portal and started the whole anti abuse law.

Another thing, I was looking at my old songs and how in the hell is this possible.

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Here's the new logo, I hope you all enjoy looking at it as it took forever to photoshop up the $100 that I used as a template. There's no .50 on any bills so you can imagine how annoying that was to create.

Updated Logo and more new musik. (hush mouf about the k at the end of musik.  I like K.)

New Shit

2009-01-08 22:18:25 by Pissomatik

Phuk you if u don't like it. plllllllllpl! :P :P :P :P :P :P :P heh heh, I'm just kidddinkg. "Hori Shiit! Das Frau hat kase im irh arsch" and don't korrekt my germanese. I think is grammatikally korekt.
Anyways, I posted some new shit that might appeal to some of you. Also I started a artist page on myspace so, yeah chek it out tooo. Sank you, I think my engrish is improoving.

New Shit

Like the new Logo?

2009-01-04 14:31:50 by Pissomatik

Took fuking forever in photoshop, I have clone stamp but at the same time I love it. Oi.....anyway, I'm posting it on my myspace page as well so you can see all of its true majesty, just click the ? to go to it next to my user stuff there. Really tired, I don't know how long I was actually working on it, but I tell you what, Trying to get a good 3 for a dollar bill is rough. If I could draw better I would've just done that. Hell, if I drew it by hand it would've taken even longer. SSHIT, I forgot the name under the pic..... Ok, I'll change that real quick.....yeah, maybe after a nap.....

Ok, I slept for almost 12 hours, some nap.....Still haven't fixed it. Maybe later.

Like the new Logo?